"Today I shall practice setting noble goals and ideals

and work towards them faithfully and make the best

of my opportunities."     Unknown



Private tuition:

Beginners to advanced:

Classical Piano, theory and harmony. 

Popular piano music, music composition, song writing.

Singing opera and popular music.

Children’s story book’s:

A series of story books about twins Tshepi and Sepho staring with

“First Piano Lesson for Tiny tots.” suitable for children ages 2 to 10.

These books can help them to learn the piano in a fun and easy way.

The books are written in such a way that it is not necessary to have the

use of a piano.  Their desire for music can be sparked through these

books and may well lead towards a need for a piano or an instrument of

their choice at a later stage.

Printed books;  E Books  available.

A series of Children’s story books:

My World Within “Up in the Clouds.” “Fun with the Animals.”

The Adventures  of Selwyn and Robert “Learn a Secret on the Farm.”

“Saving Whako the White Lion”.  These books help children to realise the

importance of retaining their natural ability to use their imagination

throughout their life.

Printed books obtainable from.



Below are links providing Relaxation/Meditation music and scenes on You Tube

offering a 3 to 5 minute stress relief programme.

This experience will transcend you into a space of peace and harmony.

You Tube Links 

Build me a Dream.

Rustle of Spring.




An hour long programme which will transcend you into another dimension.










Music Education

Download Sheet Music, Manuscript Book,  Discussions and Comments on Classical, Folk, Country, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Ragtime, Show tunes, Electronic and  Dance Music